Thursday, September 09, 2010

"The Silent Sea" by Kelly Walrad

The Silent Sea

You listened to the rhythm of ocean waves

Lapping, splashing, crashing

Against your traveling ship

As its clangs, horns and whistles

Conduct the melody of busy male voices:

The music takes you faraway.

We learned to breathe,

To hope for sight of you,

To meet you on the dock

And take you home.

But where is your ship now?

We hear the rhythm of machines

Pumping your tired lungs with breath,

Beeping your heart’s fading notes;

Still and silent,

The concert ends:

You are faraway again.

We learn to breathe,

To hope for sight of you;

But this time

You will meet us on the dock

And take us home.

By Kelly Walrad

This poem was written by Kelly to express some of her thoughts and feelings at the passing of our father.

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