Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Myrtle Elizabeth Herring's Parents?

The following is a post I came across last year, I believe. Anyway, click here to go to the page the post is located on. I found this post using www.google.com.


My wife's grandfather, Melvin Marion HERRING, was born at 10 PM, 8 Sept 1887 on a ranch five miles from the town of Yolo, Yolo Co., CA. His parents were (William) Francis Marion HERRING (b. 1 Jan, 1864 near Sacramento CA) and Sallie Alice BYERS (b. 25 July 1864 near Kalamazoo MI). A midwife, Mrs. BEASLEY of Yolo CA attended the birth and was witness thereto. Source: Notarized statement made by Sallie Alice HERRING on 10 June 1936 in Greene Co. MO. Melvin Marion HERRING went to KS where he married Bessie Margaret DINKLAGE (of the DINKLAGEs, HUMPHREYs, and LYONs, early KS settlers). Seeking information on other children of Francis Marion and Sallie Alice HERRING, as well as his parents, John HERRING and Frances KENDALL (d. 10 Jan 1864, nine days after Francis Marion's birth.) who lived near Sacramento CA in 1864.

Gary Kline GDKskills@AOL.com
Mason, MI 31 Jan. 1998

Looking at Myrtle's death certificate, her father was born in Sacramento, CA, and her mother was born in Kalamazo, Michigan. From the post above, (William) Francis Marion Herring was born in Sacramento, CA and his wife, Sallie Alice Byers was born in Kalamazo, Michigan. If you look at the names of Myrtle's parents on the death certificate, you will note that the mother is listed as S. A. Herring, with a maiden name which could easily be Byers. The father's name is listed as W. F. Herring. Myrtle was born in 1885. Melvin Marion Herring, son of William and Sallie Herring, was born in 1887 in Yolo, CA. Myrtle could easily be Melvin's older sister.

In 1936, Sallie was back in Missouri. Myrtle's death certificate would indicate she was in Kansas in 1929.

Sometimes you get lucky!

Unfortunately, the email address is no longer active, and I can't find Gary, the poster, anywhere on the internet. I have located a mailing address for him, but it might not be valid. I'll try it anyway, you never know. Locating Gary would be great! Not only would I be in contact with a Herring Cousin, I should be able to get source reference and much more information about Myrtle's family, and mine!

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