Tuesday, October 04, 2005

City Directories of Prescott, Arizona

While in Prescott, AZ I was able to collect the information below from Prescott City Directories located in the Sharlot Hall Museum archives. They did not have a city directory for the years between the ones listed.

1935-1936Carothers Gerald M clerk r Rief Hotel 238 1/2 North Cortez St
1937Carothers Gerald M (Dixie) clk Rawson's Liquor Store r 212 S. Marina
1939Carothers Jerry (Dixie) deskman Prescott City Police h 720 Butte
1939Carothers W H laborer 720 Butte
1941Carlisle Crete seamstress WPA r Linn Hotel
1941Carothers Gerald M (Dixie) patrolman City Police Dept r 209 (rear) N Alarcon
1948Carothers Gerald (Mable) emp Shamrock Tavern r 340 S Cortez
1948Carothers Mable (Gerald) emp Crowell & Elrod r 340 S Cortez

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