Friday, October 21, 2005

Della's Probate Records

I received the probate records for Della Herring, but they were not too informative. I received 3 copies, 2 of which were identical. They all involved Klingner. I'm assuming she died without a will, no significant property and no close relatives. What became of her personal effects? Who knows. Her obituary listed a nephew, which is my grandfather, Gerald Carothers, and a niece, who would have to be a daughter of Melvin Herring, Della's brother. I'll need to contact the county to ensure I got everything, i.e. there was no copying error.

I sent a letter to Klingner a couple of days ago asking for copies of any records they may have. I would like to know what became of her remains, i. e. if she was buried, what cemetery she is buried in.

Fortunately, I'll be visiting with my Aunt Lana next month and she has some information about Aunt Della. Della would take train rides to Southern California to visit her nephew, and my grandfather, Gerald Carothers and his family. Aunt Lana also has Della's letters that she wrote to them over the years. I'm guessing she will have some pictures of Aunt Della too.

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