Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Family Visit

My family and I visited with my Aunt Lana. It is the first time she and I have been together since I was a child. I gave her some family pictures, some she had never seen of her father and his parents. I also gave her a personalized pedigree chart and descendants of Clark and Rachel Carothers. I asked Lana to fill out and return a family sheet on her children, so that I can add them to my records. This will fill in another branch of the descendants of Clark and Rachel Carothers.

Lana had some notes her Dad, my grandpa, had written regarding our family. She also shared a letter from Della Herring, grandpa's aunt, in which she detailed her funeral arrangements, and the fact that her mother, Sallie Alice Herring (Byers), is buried next to Della's plot in the Greenlawn Cemetery in Springfield, Missouri.

I have also received an email from someone who has offered to send me a copy of Della and Sallie's obituaries. I have a copy of Della's obituary, although it may not be the only one. It was pretty brief. I do not have a copy of Sallie's obituary, so it will be great to get a copy of it.

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