Monday, November 21, 2005

Gordon Kenneth Herring

Gordon Kenneth Herring is listed as a son of Melvin M. Herring and Bessie in notes written by my grandfather, Gerald Carothers. He also writes that he was born in 1920 and died in August 1964 in Rochester, Minn at a racetrack. Gordon was my grandfather's cousin.

I found a Gordon Herring in the Social Security database as having been born on August 8, 1920 and dying in August 1964.

Googling around there are references to Gordon Herring who is involved in racing sprint cars, and that he died in a racing accident at a racetrack in or near Owatonna, Minnesota in August 1964.

Here is a Gordon Herring who is a lifetime member of CARC, the Colorado Automobile Racing Club. I should check into this to see if it is the same Gordon.

Rather than list these references, I'll just leave the google link. I'll have to look into Gordon some more. There must be some information out there about him. I also need to look into whether he was married and had any children. Being 44 when he died, it is quite likely.

Gordon was Doris Joan Herring's older brother. That's two kids for Melvin and Bessie. Given that Doris was born in 1928 and Gordon in 1920, he would be the other child referred to if Bessie is also Gordon's mother. I will assume that is the case for the moment.

I have left a obituary lookup request and newspaper articles relating to the accident and death of Gordon on a message board for Steele County, Minnesota. Owantonna is in Steele county.

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Anonymous said...

You will find numerous mentions and several photos of Gordon Herring in the book, "Big Car THUNDER, Sprint Cars on America's Fair Circuit, Vo. 1" by Bob Mays
ISBN 0-9710805-2-6