Thursday, July 21, 2005

John H. Carlisle in 1910 US Census

I think I have discovered John H. Carlisle, who was married to Lucretia Redwine in the 1910 US Census. He is living as a boarder with John and Elizabeth Witherlay in Wickenburg, Maricopa County, AZ.

Sex: M
Race: W
Age: 55
Marital Status: S
Birthplace: New Jersey
Father's Birthplace: New York
Mother's Birthplace: Illinois
Occupation: Miner
Workplace: Quartz mine (John worked here too)

Unfortunately, my US Census source does not have an index for the 1920 US Census in Arizona. I will keep looking around though.

I will request Lucretia's death certificate, and the marriage certificates for her marriage to John H. Carlisle and William Henry Carothers.

I found John and Elizabeth Witherlay in the 1920 US Census in the same town, but John is no longer living there. John is now the acting postmaster, and his wife is his assistant.

It looks like John H. Carlisle has moved out of Wickenburg. I did not find him in the town in 1920.

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