Monday, July 11, 2005

Lucretia Redwine's parents and siblings!

I posted the obituaries for Lucretia and her sister, Ella, on the and message boards for Redwine, Arizona and Tennessee. Today I received an email from another researcher that contains information about Lucretia's parents and siblings! This information is on

Name: James Haskell Redwine , Jr.
* Sex: M
* Birth: AUG 1852 in Sevier County, Tennessee
* Death: 21 OCT 1911 in Rankin, Tennessee

Father: James Haskell Redwine b: 12 MAY 1812 in Lee County, Virginia
Mother: Malinda Jane Nifong b: 13 JUN 1813 in Russell County, Virginia
Marriage 1 Frances Ann Fowler b: AUG 1856 in Cocke County, Tennessee
*Married: 20 JAN 1876 in Cocke County, Tennessee
1. Jennie Mae Redwine b: 8 AUG 1877 in Cocke County, Tennessee
2. Thomas Eckle Redwine b: 8 JUL 1879 in Corn Hollow, Tennessee
3. Bertha Lucretia Redwine b: OCT 1881 in Rankin, Tennessee
4. Ella Beatrice Redwine b: 25 NOV 1883, *Married: 25 DEC 1900 in Newport,
Tennessee to Charles Wesley Yount
5. Frederick Gladstone Redwine b: 21 JUL 1886 in Rankin, Tennessee
6. Isaac Talmadge Redwine b: 1 JAN 1889 in Cocke County, Tennessee
7. Annie Grace Redwine b: 17 NOV 1891 in Rankin, Tennessee
8. Mark Moore Redwine b: 30 NOV 1892 in Rankin, Tennessee
9. Gypsy Frances Redwine b: 15 DEC 1894 in Rankin, Tennessee *Married: 26 SEP
1913 in Knoxville, Tennessee to Leslie Warner Moser b: 5 AUG 1878 in Vonore,
Tennessee. 5 children born in Vonore, Tennessee
10. Edna Earle Redwine b: 18 MAR 1896

From Ella B. Tewksbury's obituary, we have a match to child number 4 above, Ella Beatrice. The birth date is an exact match, and the fact that she married Charles Wesley Yount is a match with information I received regarding Ella's daughter Vivian.

From Lucretia's obituary, we have a matching birthdate and place to child number 3, Bertha Lucretia.

Both obituaries list Leslie Moser as a survivor. She is wife of child number 9, Gypsey Frances.

I'll be looking into this further. It is quite a break! That's the power of the internet in tracking down genealogical information. A couple days ago, I didn't even know Lucretia's name!

My thanks to this researcher, who I don't name only to protect their privacy!

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