Saturday, July 09, 2005

Lucretia Redwine?

In Ella B. Tewksbury's obituary, one of the survivors is listed as her daughter, Mrs. Anna Deck of Baldwin Park, Calif. Notice that Ella's sons have the surname Yount.

Looking up Anna Deck in the California Social Security Death Index yields the following:

Anna Dean Deck
Birthdate: 5/17/1911
Birthplace: Tennessee
Mother Maiden Name: Redwine
Father's Surname: Yount
Sex: F
Deathplace: Riverside
Deathdate: 2/15/1995
Age: 83
Last Residence: Baldwin Park, Los Angeles, CA

A rather good match. This indicates that Ella's maiden name is Redwine, and therefore it is likely Lucretia's maiden name as well. One can never tell with multiple marriages and such.

If I'm right, this will be a big help in tracking down more information about Lucretia and her family.

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