Saturday, July 09, 2005

More evidence on Myrtle's family

I'm still in the process of contacting a distant Herring cousin, see this post for more information about the cousin and why I'm trying to contact them. My latest mail attempt to contact them failed with a returned letter and an "insufficient address" stamp. So, I called information and got a phone number. I was able to leave a message. Hopefully, it is the right Gary!

An interesting find that relates to this cousin's post and provides further evidence that this William and Sallie Alice Herring are Myrtle's parents is that in the 1910 US Census, Missouri, Henry County, Clinton, Sallie A. Herring is living directly next door to Andrew M. Carothers, the older brother of William Henry Carothers.

According to the census records, Sallie, age 45, is living at 529 North Third Street with son Melvin M., age 22, and daughter, M. L. Della, age 16. Sallie is listed as being a widow.

Della Herring appears in Myrtle's 1929 obituary. Sallie also appears in the obituary, but only as "Mrs. Herring". "Mrs. S. A. Herring" is the informant for Myrtle's death certificate. The death certificate also lists Kalamazoo, Michigan as the birthplace for Myrtle's mother. The census provides Michigan as Sallie's birthplace. Melvin's birthplace is given as California, and Della was born in Missouri.

This gives Myrtle born in Missouri (1885), Melvin in California (1887), and Della in Missouri ( about 1894). Sallie's husband, William, likely died between 1894 and 1910.

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