Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Received: Jackson County Cemeteries, Salt Creek Township

I have received the book mentioned in this post. Kudos to the Jackson County Genealogical Society for sending it so fast! Not to mention compiling the information in the first place!

There are two Carothers listed in the Lutes/Ermy Cemetery as follows:

Annie Hashman Carothers: b. 2 Feb. 1859; d. 2 Dec. 1919
Nathan D. Carothers: b. 20 Oct. 1868 [only one date]

Annie and Nathan are burried on the same row in the cemetery. Only 3 people are listed as buried in that row, the other, George W. Hashman, listed as being buried between them. Of course, there are likely numerous unmarked graves in the row.

As there are numerous Hashman's buried nearby, I think it is safe to say that Annie's maiden name is Hashman. So, which Carothers was Annie married too? Nathan? He is 9 year younger than her. Is Nathan and in law?

I need to look through the related names in this area and check for them.

A quick check on FindAGrave.com yields a picture of Annie and Nathan's grave stones, and more information about them. The person who posted Nathan's info added this:

Only the date of Oct 20, 1868 on stone that has fallen and lying against base.
My family records show Nathan born 1868 and died 1943.
The son of James Carothers and Martha Jane Bailey.