Friday, August 26, 2005

Family Photos

I received the two photos I ordered from the Sharlot Hall Museum archives earlier this month while in Prescott, AZ.

The photo below is of my grandfather, Gerald Carothers. The archive does not have the negative for this picture, just a copy of the picture itself.

The photo below is of my Uncle Wade as a young boy. It is a classic picture. The negative for the picture is in the archive and it is labeled "Wade Carothers". Click on the picture to view a larger copy.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Anna Dean Deck - Lucretia's Niece

Sometimes you get lucky. I was reviewing my entry with the California Social Security Death Index information for Anna Dean Deck, Lucretia Redwine's niece by her sister Ella, when I noticed her last residence was Baldwin Park, Los Angeles, CA. On a whim I checked the Rose Hills Memorial Park to see if she was buried there. They have a "Grave Location Search" feature on their website. Sure enough, Anna is buried there! The information from the search yields:

Anna Dean Deck
Date of Death: 02/15/1995
Burial Property Name: Floral Lawn
Burial Section: 1
Burial Lot: 912
Grave/Niche: 2
Entrance Gate: 1

My grandfather Gerald Carothers is also buried in this cemetery. That is what made me think of it in the first place. As Lucretia was Gerald's step mother, and Anna's Aunt, that would make Gerald and Anna cousins, eh?

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Blanding, Utah

My family and I attended the Black Family Reunion in Blanding, Utah this summer. My paternal grandmother is Dixie Chloe Black, and the reunion is for the descendants of Dixie's father, Edwin Zemira Black. We all had a great time, especially the kids who enjoyed meeting and playing with cousins.

I lived in Blanding for several months during 1969 as a young child. And for many relatives in Blanding, that was likely the first and last time they saw me until this reunion.

We did spend several hours in the Blanding City Cemetery looking for the graves of relatives, only to find on the way out that there was a very nice map and directory at the entrance that we had overlooked on arrival!

Below is the grave marker of Edwin Zemira Black and Chloe Allan. Ardell Palmer is listed on the marker, but as you notice there is no death date for her because she is still alive. We met her at the family reunion. Ardell is a very sweet woman. You can click on the image to see a larger version of the image.

Below is the grave marker for my paternal grandmother and her husband Duke Sober. You can click on the image to see a larger version of the image.

I have many more pictures, but alas, not enough time at present. More later!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Information from Prescott, AZ visit

The following are some documents I collected copies of while in Prescott, AZ.

For Gerald Carothers and Dixie Chloe Black, I have a copy of their Marriage License and Marriage Certificate.

For John H. Carlisle and Bertha Lucretia Redwine, I have a copy of their Marriage License and Marriage Certificate.

I also have some pictures of grave markers from the Mountain View Cemetery in Prescott, AZ. Unfortunately, William Henry Carothers and his wife Lucretia have no markers. I plan on chatting with the family and raising some money to remedy that. Of course, the cemetery has excellent maps of the locations of all the graves, and we did stop by William and Lucretia's graves.

Edwin Richie Black is a cousin of my father's that drowned while training for the FBI in New Orleans. I hope I got that right. I'll have to get more information on that. I believe he is the son of Allan Black who lived in Prescott, AZ working as a plumber. Uncle Allan was there when Dixie Black and her sister, Zelma, lived in Prescott. I'll have to collect more information to nail that down better. My Dad told me about his grave being in this cemetery, so we stopped by Edwin's grave.

Ella B. Tewksbury is Ella B. Redwine, Lucretia's sister. Ella took care of the arrangements for Lucretia's burial. In fact, William Henry Carothers is buried in the grave directly to the left of Ella's husband.

This is the grave marker for Ella's husband, Walter Scott Tewksbury.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Reporting from Prescott, AZ

Today I was able to visit the Mountain View Cemetery in Prescott, AZ to visit the graves of:

William Henry Carothers
Bertha Lucretia Carothers (Redwine)
Ella B. Tewksbury
Walter Scott Tewksbury
Edwin Richie Black

The first two were unmarked graves, and the last three were marked. I'll post pictures later.

The cemetery manager was very helpful. He looked up the records and, maps in hand, showed me to each grave. I really appreciated his help!

I'm going to get markers for William and Crete. I'll see if some of the other descendants want to contribute.

I was also able to spend 3 hours at the Sharlott Hall Museum archives examing records related to:

William Henry Carothers
Bertha Lucreatia Carothers (Redwine)
Gerald Carothers
Dixie Black

I was able to locate information in city and telephone directories. I ordered a print of a picture they have of Gerald in his navy uniform and another picture of his son Wade. I should get them within a month. I also got copies of the marriage license and certificate for the following:

Gerald Carothers and Dixie Black
John H. Carlisle and Bertha Lucretia Redwine

While I was able to learn alot, I am also left with more questions to try and answer.

Tomorrow my family and I are off to Blanding, Utah, for the Black family reunion. Black as in Dixie Black.