Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thomas Carothers, Death Certificate

Although I found the death certificate for Thomas Carothers some time ago, I just added it to my online database. Tom died from some sort of train accident. There's a good chance there is a newspaper article about the accident and death in Kansas City, as well as in Clinton.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Cecil Carothers Obituary Request

I placed a request for the obituary of Cecil Carothers and for any newpaper articles about his death on the Vernon County, Missouri message board at Ancestry.com. As Cecil died in an automobile accident, there should be some newspaper articles about the accident.

I also added an entry for Cecil at www.findagrave.com.

A Busy Time for Family History!

Although I've not spent a lot of time on genealogy lately, I've spent a lot of time on family history! For Memorial Day, we visited my inlaws and were treated to some pictures I need to scan the next time we visit! There were also some family histories that I read that we need to get copies of as well. I just got back from a week long family reunion with my wife's family. While not on vacation I've been creating a DVD photo slide show consisting of the photos I recently scanned from my grandfather's photo collection. Thanks Mabel and Aunt Lana! Copies of the DVD will be shared with all of the family at the Carothers Family Reunion to be held this Saturday! Whew!