Wednesday, March 29, 2006

William Carothers in Illinois in 1850, Missouri in 1860

I have discovered a William Carothers in Richland Precinct, Clark County, Illinois in the 1850 US Census. He is the right age to be the brother of my direct ancestor Clark Carothers. The census records the following information about William:

Age: 24 years old
Birthplace: Indiana
Occupation: farmer

He is living with:

Jane, 26 years old, born in Kentucky
James, 2 years old, born in Illinois
William, 12 years old, born in Illinois
Nancy, 6 years old, born in Illinois

In the 1860 US Census of Union, Putnam, Missouri, we have the following:

William, 33, born in Indiana
Jane, 37, born in Kentucky
James, 13, born in Illinois
Henry, 11, born in Illinois
Joseph, 9, born in Illinois
Mary, 7, born in Missouri
Margaret, 5, born in Missouri
Anna, 1, born in Missouri

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Thornton Carothers in California in 1860

I have discovered a Thornton Carothers in Bear River, Yuba, Calfornia in the 1860 US Census. He is the right age to be the brother of my direct ancestor Clark Carothers. The census records the following information about Thornton:

Age: 23 years
Occupation: farm laborer
Born in Illinois

Thorton was among 8 men working as farm laborers on the farm of Henry Reed, age 67.

In 1860, Clark's brother Thornton would be about 23 years old. The more I learn about my Carothers relations, the more I discover how many of them came to Calfornia.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Angeline Carothers, maiden name is Vint?

From the "Early American Marriages: Virginia to 1850" by Dodd, Jordan R, et. al., we have the following marriage:

Date: 22 June 1841
County: Pendleton

This looks like a good candidate for the Angeline who later married Morris Carothers in 1852 in Clark County, Illinois. The oldest daughter of William and Angeline was born in Virginia about 1842, the next we know of was born in Illinois about 1846.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Angeline Johns

Angeline Johns married Morris Carothers on March 28, 1852 in Clark County, Illinois.

In the 1850 US Census of the Richland Precinct, Clark County, Illinois, Morris is found without his wife, Sarah Morrell, who he married on December 1, 1835. As far as I know, Sarah is the mother of Clark Carothers.

Angeline Johns had been married to William Johns, who died September 1, 1851. In the 1850 US Census of Salisbury Precinct, Coles County, Illinois, page 74, William and Angeline are listed with 3 children as follows:

William Johns, age 30, birthplace: Va
Angeline Johns, age 26, birthplace: Va
Elizabeth J., age 8, birthplace: Va
Andrew J., age 5, birthplace: Ill
Rebecca A., age 3, birthplace: Ill

The children and Angeline appear with Morris in the 1860 US Census, Parker Township, Clark County, Illinois.

This information is recorded in the "History of Westfield Illinois and Northwest Clark County 1981", a publication at the Kansas State Historical Society.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Letter to Susan Kline

Tomorrow I'm sending a letter to Susan Kline, the daughter of Joan Christensen. Susan and I are second cousins, one time removed. I'm hoping to learn more about my cousin and her family, and about the additional information she has about our common ancestors, Francis Marion Herring and his wife, Sallie Alice Byers.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Obituary for Joan Keisel Christensen

Gary was kind enough to respond to my lookup request for an obituary of Joan Doris Christensen. The obituary is from the Monterey County Herald, April 18, 1995.

Note that Susan Kline of Mason, Michigan is listed as her daughter. Her son Stephen was living in San Diego in 1995. I'll have to see if he is still there. As Stephen's surname is not provided, it is likely Christensen.