Monday, May 22, 2006

3 Death Certificates from Missouri State Archives

Today, I received in the mail the 3 death certificates I ordered from the Missouri State Archives. It was a bargain at $1 a piece. As mentioned in my previous post, "Missouri Death Certificates Online!!", Missouri has put the full index for death certificates online, and is putting scans of the death certificates online as they are scanned. These 3 death certificates were not currently online, so I ordered them.

Cecil Carothers
Andrew Maris Carothers
Polly A. Carothers

I will have to get them scanned, and upload them. I'll add links to this post once I do so.

A note on Cecil. He died on June 14, 1928 due to injuries received from an auto accident. He was 17 years old.

Cecil Carothers - Death Certificate

One interesting note is that Cecil's father's name is listed as Alonzo instead of Orlando. Alonzo is also used for the name of the informant. Orlando is listed and Lon in some sources I have seen, but Alonzo is a new one for me. Cecil's mother's name is exactly correct, and his father's birthplace of Westfield, Clark County, Illinois is correct. Cecil's age is right, and his birth in Henry County, Missouri is right.

I have some more research to do on Cecil. There must be newspaper articles for the accident and obituary and funeral.

Andrew Maris Carothers - Death Certificate

Polly A. Carothers - Death Certificate

Saturday, May 06, 2006

More memories of Aunt Crete from a great niece

Here are some more memories of Aunt Crete from her great niece, Martha:

Aunt Crete had a little cabin in Crown King where she spent the summers. In winter she would go down the mountain to lower and warmer climates. She had a pension of some kind but she did not have many worldly possessions When I was small I would visit her at her cabin and we would have tea parties served along with my mud pies. She was very good with children. The last time that I saw her she was living in Congress Junction, AZ. Don and I can't remember the year.

She was an avid baseball fan and listened to the world series with out fail and knew ever player in the leagues and their family histories. She had a radio that she kept by her bedside in her little cabin and it played night and day. She was very knowledgeable about current affairs, especially politics.

All her Redwine siblings that I knew were tall people except Grandma Ella who was rather petite. Aunt Crete was tall as well. She had a little dog named Minnie Mouse that was very dear to her and any time you saw her little Minnie Mouse was close by.

About Charley Yount. I don't know a lot about him and I am having a hard time tracing my Younts. Grandma did divorce him and from what I understand he liked the ladies and was not true to her. He did have the second marriage and another daughter. I think her name was Lena. A lot needs to be done on my Yount research. Grandma married Walter Tewksbury, whom she met while visiting Vivian in Crown King. He was the only grandfather that I knew. I called him Uncle Tewks.

I have a brother, Charles Anthony Nelson, who still lives in Crown King in the house we grew up in. He was named after Charley Yount and I have a son named Charles. Even though Charley Yount was far removed from his family during their growing up years his name has been carried down through the generations.

Aunt Crete was named after president James Garfield's wife, Lucretia Randolph Garfield.

Martha also sent me my first picture of her grandmother, Ella Tewksbury, and Aunt Crete.

Here is what Martha says about the picture:

This precious picture is of Grandma and Aunt Crete.....Aunt Crete being the taller one holding her hat. It was taken in front of Jean Yount Burges Ward's house in Prescott. Jean was Ella's youngest daughter.

Thanks Martha!

Memories of Aunt Crete from a great niece

In my quest to learn more about Lucretia Carothers, who was married to William Henry Carothers, I decided to try and locate descendants of Lucretia's sister, Ella Tewksbury. Ella lived in the same area and was mentioned in Lucretia's obituary. If you review my last post, you will notice I was zeroing in on Martha Jane Stewart, Ella's granddaughter.

Imagine my surprise when, out of the blue, I got an email from Martha just 4 days after my post! That is the power of the internet for you. It brings people with common interests together, regardless of the distance.

With Martha's permission, I'm posting her email as she shares some of her memories of Aunt Crete:

I stumbled on to your web site as I was looking for my Yount family. I am Martha Jane Nelson Stewart, daughter of Vivian and Hugh Nelson and granddaughter of Ella Yount Tewksbury and great niece of Lucretia Carothers. "Aunt Crete" was a sister to Ella.

Aunt Crete was a very colorful lady and I thought the world of her. She never had any children so her nieces and nephews were very special to her. She died in Prescott, Arizona and I have her death date somewhere in my papers. I will look it up for you but I am very unorganized these days and it will take me a while. Please feel free to ask questions about her and if I can answer I will surely do so. I never met Mr. Carothers. I lived in Crown King, Arizona, an isolated mining town about sixty miles from Prescott and it was not often that my family went to Prescott. I seem to remember going by Aunt Crete's apartment one time and Mr. Carothers was there but he was ill in the bedroom and I did not see him. This is a memory from childhood and may not be true.